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Sunday, June 17, 2007

8 Things You may not know about me

Seeing as how Ajay from All Axis Radio has tagged Corby from The Twisted Pickle, and Corby has tagged me.... I guess I'll keep this thing going. Besides, with all the bad luck I've had lately, I really don't need some terrible curse to beseige me for breaking an internet chain letter thingie.... so here it goes.

1. I hate tomatoes. I eat katsup and salsa... but really can't stand the taste or texture of raw tomatoes.

2. I'm a member of the National Honor Society. Yeah... shocked everyone I know, and rumor has it that the minimum GPA requirement was lowered that year because someone didn't quite have high enough grades. Seeing as how I was, and still am, a slacker.... it doesn't take Albert friggen Einstien to figure that one out.

3. One of my all time favorite movies is Mask. Not that green faced Jim Carrey abortion, the Rocky Dennis story. Yeah... kind of sappy, but it shows that bikers are some of the best people on earth and Sam Elliot stars in it (bad ass). Oh yeah... and Cher is extremely bangable in that flick..... and by the way... I'd still tap that ass.

4. I'm scared of needles. Aside from my fear of spiders and hights.... needles frighten the shit out of me. This coming from a pierced up, tattooed freak... but trust me... it's different.

5. I'm a snuggler. I'm all about the cuddling. Nuff said about that... and go ahead and say what you're thinking to my face.

6. I've never broken a bone. Not counting the nose...which isn't a bone, but rather cartlege that acts as a bone like structure, I've never had a broken bone. Don't feel like starting anytime soon either.

7. I can cook. I worked as a cook and catering manager for 12 years of my life. I can throw together a mean Jambalya, only I never use recipes.

8. As a child, I had two imaginary friends. Murphy and George. Murphy was a sheepdog, and George was a german shepard. They lived in my pocket.

So there's 8 things that you might not have known about me... and maybe you didn't want to know, but rules are rules. The rules state that I'm supposed to tag 4 other shows so I'm tagging The Eric Hour, Twilight and Thebes, Dani from The Truth Seekers, and Borderline


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