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Friday, October 24, 2008

Public Nuisance Radio #43- Mikey gets some pussy!!!

Yes, it's back once again... Public Nuisance Radio #43 - Mikey gets some pussy!!!

Topics include: Advice for placing your penis in a cup, Bizarre sex act: the rusty trombone, Stupid Sex-believe it or not, rock shows from wild to mild, and super special musical guests Nashville Pussy.

Here's how to get the goods....

Recent Episode List
Direct Download

also, check out the archive.... in the works.. and book mark the fucker for future use.

New email address to contact your lovable, cuddly, furry host... pnrmikey@yahoo.com

Thanks for sticking with me, hope you enjoy what I've done...

love ya....


Don't forget to support the mildly entertaining programming you find here on the PNR network by visiting Tshirt Hell and browsing their selection of offensive shirts. Each shirt you buy puts a few bucks in the PNR account, which may motivate the asshole on the microphone to record more often...
click here and begin pissing off friends, family members, and total strangers.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

PNR revived

What's up freaks? So much has happened lately, I thought I needed to talk about it.... so watch for a new PNR very soon, with some suprise special guests.

In preparing for this revival of the audio freak show, I've started a new email account just for you to get ahold of me. Email questions, comments, concerns, rants, raves, and your hot mom's(or sister's... 18+ please) nude photos to pnrmikey@yahoo.com . I'm also adding an archive to this site, just as soon as I get the tons and tons of audio uploaded.

Keep your eyes peeled for more audio goodies from your lovable, cuddly, furry host....

Love ya