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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New web address

Due to the immense popularity of Public Nuisance Radio, it seems that someone in Turkey has decided to purchase the domain name and hold on to it. The new web address should prove to be easier for my intoxicated listeners, seeing as they won't have to attempt to spell "nuisance" while under the influence. Please bookmark www.pnrpodcast.com for your future stalking use.

Thank you...


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Public Nuisance Radio 44

What's up boys and girls, it's your old pal Mikey back with Public Nuisance Radio episode 44. This time around we discuss surviving childhood, kids of today are fucked, walmart is evil, and the 2 nuns that have been giving me nightmares. We also have regular features Stupid Sex, believe it or not and Mikey's bizarre sex act, pegging. I explain what the hell I've been doing instead of PNR as well. Be sure to hop over to the podsafe music network and check out this show's musical guests Fishbone.

To subscribe in many ways that I do not understand... Click here
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To get ahold of me... email me at pnrmikey@yahoo.com

Also, check out the new podcast I'm involved with... The BFF Show

Thank you, and good night....


p.s. The link to www.publicnuisanceradio.com is fucked up. I'll have this matter resolved soon, for the time being use www.publicnuisanceradio.blogspot.com. Thanks....