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Thursday, August 06, 2009

PNR 45

Back by popular demand.... or to spite the ones who didn't demand.... it's Public Nuisance Radio #45. Check out the Bizarre sex act: Snowballing, Stupid Sex..Believe it or Not, all you ever wanted to know about swallowing..but were afraid to ask, karma being a bitch to yours truly, and my interview with the musical guest O'Death. All this and more awaits your eager ears in PNR 45.

"Rockin' Out" with O'Death
left to right: Gabe, Mikey, Newman

Please visit O'Death at www.odeath.net
Tell 'em Mikey sent ya.

Check out the video to "Lowtide" by O'Death.

Mikey and O'Death kickin' it old school...bitches

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